When to talk to us

When to talk to us

Do you agree with any of these statements?

  • I feel the pressure of increased competition in my category
  • I don’t think our advertising is cutting through the clutter
  • I worry that we’re suffering excessive staff turnover
  • I’m unsure as to the direction our NPD program should take
  • I feel frustrated by the energy and commitment levels of our staff
  • I wish I received more unsolicited interest from talented potential hires
  • I wish we received more favourable coverage in the media
  • I’d like to get better feedback and reviews from our customers
  • I wish our team was more creative and pro-active in solving problems
  • I’m concerned that our marketing isn’t driving the bottom line
  • I wish our customers were more loyal
  • I’m unsure or our external marketing partners
  • I wish our team worked more effectively together

Even one ‘Tick’ is worth a phone call, or perhaps a cup of coffee. We have a short presentation and it doesn’t take us long to explain how we can help.

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You can contact us via email, phone or by completing this form.

Mike +61 (0) 414 209 220
Nick +61 (0) 428 200 021


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THiiNK Consulting Pty Ltd
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