What we’ve done

we’ve done

Between the pair of us, we’ve worked on a vast range of global brands. We’ve undertaken strategic, creative and management assignments. And we’re proud that our work has made significant contributions to both commercial and creative success stories.

  • Designed and delivered the ‘Living The Brand’ Programme

  • Creative Director of the AMP Olympics campaign

  • Innovation consultant to Melbourne and Sydney offices

  • Creative Director/Copywriter of the launch campaign

  • Creative Director/Copywriter for TV, Print and Poster Advertising

  • Creative Director/Copywriter Print advertising

  • Creative Director/Copywriter on UK’s first direct response TV campaign

  • Creative Director/Copywriter of annual TV campaigns

  • Innovation consultant for Regional Conference

  • Creative Director/Copywriter of first FT full colour campaign

  • Creative Director/Copywriter of print and digital campaigns

  • Brand Strategist for Deals, Private Wealth, Enterprise Digital, Risk Assurance and Digital Assurance

  • Brand strategist and Creative Director for brand relaunch

  • Creative Director/Copywriter for Transatlantic advertising - TV & Print

  • Creative Director of the multi award winning ‘Plastic Surgery’ campaign

  • Creative Director of the Ariel ‘White’ campaign

  • Creative Director of the award winning ‘Laws of Nature’ campaign

  • Creative Director for the launch of Bezique

  • Creative Director and copywriter of the ‘Thirstslayer’ campaign

  • Creative Director and Copywriter for infamous Bundy Bear campaign

  • Creative Director/Copywriter of the Elton John ‘Spectacular’ campaign

  • Creative Director of Multi - Award Winning ‘Advanced Simplicity’ campaign

  • Creative Director/Copywriter for Lite White, Oak, Ski Yoghurt

  • Creative Director of the Doorstep Challenge campaign

  • Innovation Consultant

  • Creative Director/Copywriter for national TV campaign

  • Creative Director for Heineken TV tennis sponsorship

  • Creative Director of Australian ‘Keep Walking’ campaign

  • Creative Director/Copywriter on All-Bran, Sultana Bran, LCMs, Oat Bran Flakes, Special K, Pop Tarts

  • Creative Director of Diageo’s most successful product launch

  • Creative Director of Japan’s most highly awarded advertising campaign

  • Copywriter on the Ricky Fulton TV campaign

  • Brand and Marketing Consultant

  • Creative Director of TV, Print and Poster campaigns

  • Copywriter on the award winning ‘Eau’ campaign

  • Creative Director of Japanese print and poster campaign

  • Creative Director/Copywriter for award winning TV and Print campaign

  • Head of Marketing

  • Head of Brand and Marketing Communications

  • Creative Director for multi-award winning ‘Truth’ campaign

  • Creative Director for award winning TV and Print campaigns

  • Innovation Consultant on Peters, Lipton’s and Continental Brands

  • Global Creative Director for relaunch of the VS Sassoon Brand

  • Innovation consultant and workshop facilitator

  • Innovation consultant for ten of the group’s companies

  • Innovation consultant and keynote conference speaker

  • Brand Strategy workshops

  • Presentation Skills training

  • National Creative Director and Chairman

  • Innovation consultant and workshop facilitator

  • MD of Ogilvy Impact

  • Creative Director for B2B TV and Print advertising

  • Innovation program for ‘High Potentials’ within the group

  • Executive Director of Ogilvy’s largest piece of business

  • Copywriter on Poster and Print campaigns

  • General Manager, Brand and Marketing

  • Brand Strategist for all channels of the network

  • Brand Consultant to prepare for major changes in the sector

  • Brand Strategy Consultant for the merger of ARV and Anglicare

  • Creative Director of launch campaign for Mayumarri healing centre

  • Creative Director/Copywriter of the first TV campaign to feature the British Royal Family

  • Brand Strategist in preparation for sale of the company

  • Retail store management

  • Brand Strategy in preparation for sale of the company

  • Creative director of outdoor poster campaign

  • National Sales and Service training Programme, Creative Director for launch of Chatswood mall

  • Creative Director of the Fresh Food People campaign

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